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Specialty of our food range

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Experience the vibrant transformation of your aquatic companions with our premium feed range(s).Infused with the enriching properties of Beta Carotene and Astaxanthin, our feeds naturally enhance and bring out the true colors of your aquatic friends. We are dedicated to delivering a holistic nutritional experience, meticulously incorporating the right balance of Vitamins, Minerals, and Trace Elements. This ensures that each bite not only enhances color but also provides species-specific nutrition in an optimal quantity. We take pride in offering a comprehensive solution to nourish your underwater community, promoting their overall well-being and vitality. Dive into the world of aquatic excellence with our specially formulated feeds, designed to bring out the natural beauty of your aquatic habitat. Trust us for a spectrum of nutrition that goes beyond just colors, supporting the health and vibrancy of your cherished aquatic friends.


We prioritize the holistic health of your aquatic companions by incorporating advanced nutritional elements into our feeds. Our feed range goes beyond traditional offerings, introducing Prebiotics—compounds that stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms. Additionally, our feeds serve as a nourishing source for Probiotics, fostering the presence of good bacteria vital for the overall health of aquatic organisms. With a primary focus on improving gut health, our Probiotics play a pivotal role in ensuring the healthy functioning of the body. Trust us to provide a comprehensive and advanced nutritional solution, promoting the well-being and vitality of your underwater community. Dive into a world of enhanced aquatic health with our specially formulated feeds, where every bite contributes to a thriving aquatic environment.

Insect Oil

Discover the innovative edge as we introduce oil extracted from our Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL), a revolutionary substitute for traditional animal fats or plant oils in animal feed and pet food. Our insect oil emerges as a promising source of the essential omega-3 fatty acids, marking a breakthrough in nutritional advancements. Naturally produced by insects, these fatty acids contribute to the overall health and vitality of animals, establishing insect oil as a novel and sustainable solution for superior nutritional benefits.

Algae & Seaweed

We harness the power of nature for optimal aquatic nutrition by incorporating a diverse array of algae and seaweed, including Spirulina, Chlorella Seaweed, Kelp, and more. Tailored to meet species-specific requirements, our feeds are enriched with the natural goodness of these algae and seaweed varieties. This careful selection ensures a well-rounded nutritional profile, promoting the health and vibrancy of your aquatic companions. Trust us for a nutritionally superior and species-specific feeding solution.

Insect Protein

Discover a superior alternative to traditional fish meal. Our premium feeds utilize cultivated Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Larvae as a rich and sustainable insect protein source. Mimicking the natural diet of fishes, insect-based meal not only enhances digestibility but also reduces wastage, ensuring a high-quality and eco-friendly nutrition solution for your aquatic companions. Trust us for optimal aquatic health through innovative and sustainable feeding practices.