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Shrimp not eating

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This is perhaps the most spoken topic. You buy a particular shrimp food and your shrimps are not eating it, and the same food is eaten readily by other shrimps in a different aquarium. What could be the reason?

Primarily shrimps are scavengers and in wild would eat anything. But in some scenarios they don’t accept any processed food, which can be –

1. Poor water condition – Do periodically check water parameters. If the water conditions are poor then shrimps wont eat anything. Even the finest of cuisine in the world wont get their nod. If water parameters are fixed then you can notice shrimps readily accepting processed food.

2. Availability of biofilm/ algae – If your tank have good amount of biofilm, green algae then shrimps will be grazing on them. Its their natural food so they will ignore other processed food.’