Teraa Bee Shrimp Mineral


Optimal Water Conditions for Thriving Bee Shrimps:

  • Tailored Bee Shrimp Mineral Formula: Teraa Bee Shrimp Mineral is expertly formulated to establish the ideal water values for the successful keeping and breeding of bee shrimps.
  • Alkaline pH Range (6.0-6.5): A single salt solution that provides an alkaline pH in the range of 6.0-6.5, promoting an environment conducive to the well-being of bee shrimps.
  • GH/KH Ratio of 3:1: Our mineral formula ensures a balanced GH/KH ratio of 3:1, incorporating all essential minerals and trace elements crucial for the health and vibrant coloration of your bee shrimps.
  • Quick Dissolution and Easy Usage: Teraa Bee Shrimp Mineral dissolves rapidly and is user-friendly, simplifying the process of achieving precise water conditions for your shrimp.
  • Mirrors Natural Habitat: The proper dosage of Bee Shrimp Mineral replicates the parameters found in the shrimp’s native habitat, offering a habitat that closely resembles their natural environment.
  • Soft Water Preference: Bee Shrimps thrive in soft water that is free from harmful chemicals and heavy metals. Our mineral formula caters to this preference, ensuring a healthy and stress-free environment.
  • Low KH Value Appreciation: Bee Shrimps appreciate a low KH value, and our mineral formula aligns with this preference, supporting their overall well-being and vitality.
  • Intense Coloration and Successful Breeding: Teraa Bee Shrimp Mineral goes beyond basic care, fostering intense coloration, successful breeding, and robust growth for your shrimp. Ideal for softwater species shrimps.

Provide your Bee Shrimps with the optimal conditions they desire, ensuring their well-being, vibrant coloration, and successful breeding in your aquarium.

Size: 100gm
Feeding Recommendation: Dosage Please dose 4gm to 20liters of RO water/rain water/purified water to reach a GH Of 6, Conductivity Of 200 +/- 50 Microsiemens. Measuring spoon enclosed.