Teraa X Clear


Experience aquarium water clarity like never before with Teraa X-Clear – an ultra-concentrated formula designed to tackle all types of clouding that regular filtration may struggle to address. This powerhouse solution works rapidly and naturally, swiftly eliminating sludge, muck, and potential gaseous compounds for unmatched water clarity.

Key Features:

  • 8x Concentrated Formula: Unleashes the power of 8x concentration for superior clarity in your aquarium.
  • Comprehensive Clouding Solution: Targets various forms of clouding, providing an effective solution for a range of water clarity issues.
  • Sludge and Muck Removal: Rapidly and naturally eliminates sludge and muck, enhancing the cleanliness of your aquarium.
  • Gaseous Compound Elimination: Effectively removes potential gaseous compounds, contributing to a healthier aquatic environment.
  • Mechanical Filtration Synergy: Works seamlessly with mechanical filtration, collecting impurities and facilitating their removal through the filter.

Important Note: X-Clear operates most effectively with mechanical filtration. Ensure proper mechanical filtration for optimal results.

Elevate your aquarium experience with Teraa X-Clear – the key to crystal-clear water clarity and a thriving aquatic habitat.

Size: 120ml
: Dosage : 1ml per 130liter of water. Shake well before use