Teraa T Probiotics

Teraa T-Probiotics is 8x more concentrated than other tank setting bacteria. T-Probiotics is a mix of aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative bacteria which along with setting up the biofilter breaks down excess ammonia, nitrate, nitrtite thus providing a safe environment for your aquatic pets. Can be used for setting up a new tank and also during regular maintenance. Safe with plants, fishes and shrimps.

P.S : Avoid mixing two different brands of tank setting bacteria together.

Ingredients: 8 different strains of beneficially probiotics bacteria. Minimum PSU count 2.5m^12 per ml(when packed)
Size: 120ml
: Dosage : 2ml per 100lt of water while setting up the tank. For maintenance 1ml per 80lt. Shake well before use.