Teraa FD Brine Shrimp


Teraa FD Brine Shrimp Cube: Elevating Nutrition Naturally

Treat your aquatic friends to the wholesome goodness of Teraa FD Brine Shrimp Cube, a superior freeze-dried delicacy crafted from 100% fresh and high-standard brine shrimps. Our meticulous freeze-drying process ensures the preservation of their natural nutritional value, devoid of any additives, chemicals, or preservatives.

Key Features:

  1. Fresh Brine Shrimps: Delight your fish with the natural richness of fresh brine shrimps, offering a high-quality source of nutrition.
  2. Freeze-Dried Nutrient Preservation: Through an advanced freeze-drying procedure, we maintain the brine shrimps’ nutritional integrity, providing a wholesome and delectable treat for your aquatic companions.
  3. Pure and Untouched: Teraa FD Brine Shrimp Cube is crafted without additives or artificial enhancements, delivering a pure and untouched delicacy that aligns with your fish’s natural diet.
  4. Nutrient-Packed Excellence: Give your fish a nutrient-packed delight that replicates the freshness of live brine shrimps. Teraa FD Brine Shrimp Cube is a convenient and wholesome choice to support the health and vitality of your aquatic companions.

Choose Teraa FD Brine Shrimp Cube for a premium, freeze-dried treat that captures the natural goodness of brine shrimps without compromise. Enhance your fish’s dining experience with a nutrient-rich delicacy.

Ingredients: Brine Shrimp,Probiotics
Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 46.4%, Crude Fat 5.3%, Crude Fiber 0.8%,Moisture 6.0%.
Size: 100ml
Feeding Recommendation: Feed as much the fish can consume in 10-15 minutes.