Teraa Discus Mineral


Elevate Your Discus Habitat with Teraa Discus Mineral:

  • Tailored for Discus Fish: Specifically formulated to create optimal living conditions for Discus fish and other soft water fishes sharing the same habitat.
  • Perfect Water Remineralization: Ideal for re-mineralizing RO water, rainwater, and desalinated water, ensuring a habitat that mimics the natural environment.
  • Quick Dissolution: The discus mineral dissolves rapidly, providing a hassle-free application process.
  • Beneficial for Plant Growth: Promotes healthy plant growth within the aquatic environment, fostering a balanced ecosystem.
  • Microbial Regeneration: Supports the regeneration of microbial communities essential for biological filter substances, contributing to water clarity and quality.
  • RO Water, Rainwater, Desalinated Water Only: Designed exclusively for use with RO water, rainwater, and desalinated water to achieve optimal results.
  • Total Hardness Adjustment: Increases total hardness (°dH) while maintaining a balanced carbonate hardness (KH), adhering to a (°dH) to (KH) ratio of 6:1.

Enhance the well-being of your Discus fish and create a thriving aquatic environment with Teraa Discus Mineral – the key to water perfection.


Size: 100gm
Feeding Recommendation: Please dose 3.5 to 4gm to 25iters of RO water/rain water/purified water to reach a A GH Of 6, KH 1, Conductivity Of 200 +/- 50. Measuring spoon enclosed. enclosed.