Teraa Anti Fungal


Teraa Anti Fungal is your go-to solution for tackling cottony growth, mouth and body fungus, as well as reddening of fins and body in ornamental fishes. This all-natural product is designed to treat both internal and external bacterial infections, ensuring the well-being of your aquatic companions.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Treatment:
    • Effectively addresses cottony growth, mouth and body fungus, and reddening of fins and body.
  2. Versatile Solution:
    • Treats both internal and external bacterial infections for a holistic approach to fish health.
  3. Natural Formulation:
    • Crafted from natural ingredients, ensuring a safe treatment without impacting the biological filter, water parameters, or coloration.

Trust Teraa Anti Fungal to keep your ornamental fishes healthy and vibrant. Maintain a thriving aquatic environment with this reliable, all-natural solution.

Ingredients: Bay Oil
Size: 120ml
: For a 40-liter aquarium, add 5 ml of the product per day for a continuous 7-day period. Following this treatment duration, perform a 25% water change to maintain a healthy aquatic environment. Ensure precise dosing for the best results in supporting the well-being of your ornamental fishes.