Spirulina Paste

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Introducing Super Fish Spirulina Paste – the ideal choice for herbivorous fishes seeking a nutrient-rich diet. Packed with the goodness of spirulina, this paste offers numerous benefits, including immune system support, uniform growth, and enhanced coloration.

Key Features:

  • Spirulina Enriched:
    • A high protein diet with 60% vegetable protein from spirulina, promoting easy digestion and contributing to overall fish health.
  • Immune System Boost:
    • Spirulina’s unique properties bolster the immune system, enhancing your fish’s ability to ward off diseases.
  • Uniform Growth:
    • Enjoy the benefits of uniform growth, ensuring that your aquatic pets develop in a healthy and balanced manner.
  • Improved Coloration:
    • Spirulina brings out vibrant and striking colors in your fish, enhancing the visual appeal of your aquarium.
  • Easy-to-Use Paste:
    • Convenient paste form adheres to surfaces for easy acceptance and digestion by fishes of all sizes.
  • Versatile Usage:
    • Suitable for both regular feeding and as baby food in fry tanks, catering to the diverse dietary needs of your aquatic companions.
  • No Refrigeration Needed:
    • This paste requires no refrigeration, simplifying storage and ensuring it remains easily transportable.
  • Non-Clouding Formula:
    • Rest easy knowing that this paste won’t cloud your aquarium water, maintaining a clear and pristine environment.

Enhance your fish’s well-being and bring out their natural beauty with Super Fish Spirulina Paste – a nutritious and convenient feeding solution. Stick it to surfaces or use it for hand feeding, making it an excellent choice for both hobbyists and their aquatic friends.

Ingredients: Spirulina (18%), Insect Protein, Grains, Vegetable by Products (Spinach, Moringa Corn), Yeasts, Salmon Oil and Fats, Garlic Powder, Vitamin D3, Astaxanthin (2a161j) 15 mg
Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 26%, Crude Fat 5%, Crude Fiber 8%, Crude Ash 1%
Pellet Size: Paste
Size: 100gm
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