Pro Vitamin Grow

  • Tailored for Small Fishes: Specifically crafted multivitamins to address the unique health and nutritional needs of small fishes.
  • Power-Packed Formula: Each 100ml is loaded with essential components such as amino acids, beta-glucan, zinc, iron, boron, iodine, potassium, manganese, VIT E, VIT C, and trace elements.
  • Combat Deficiencies: Counteract deficiencies arising from inadequate feed, stress, or lack of exercise, ensuring comprehensive health.
  • Regular Supplementation: Establish a consistent supplement routine to support increased growth, natural vitality, fin development, vibrant coloration, and breeding promotion.
  • Simple Dosage: Administer 1ml per 25gm of feed, twice a week, seamlessly integrating into your feeding routine.
  • Feed Soaking Method: Enhance consumption by soaking the prescribed dosage in feed for easy assimilation by your small fishes.
  • Shake & Serve: Ensure even distribution by shaking well before each use.

Empower your small fishes with Teraa Pro Vitamin Grow – the key to their well-being and flourishing vitality.

Ingredients: Each 100ml contains Amino Acids 5gm, Beta Glucan 20mg, Zinc 20mg, Iron 40mg, Boron 5mg, Iodine 1mg, Potassium 80mg, Manganese 65mg, VIT E 200IU, VIT C 10mg and trace elements
Size: 50ml
Feeding Recommendation: 1ml per 30gm of feed. 2 times in a week. 20drops = 1ml.Soak it in feed and then provide to fishes. Shake well before use. Dont dose directly into tank.