Catappa Leaf Extract


Derived from the leaves of the Terminalia Catappa tree, also known as “Indian Almond Leaves,” Teraa Catappa Essence is a natural powerhouse for your aquarium. Laden with flavonoids like kaempferol and quercetin, tannins such as punicalin and punicalagin, and a dose of saponins and phytosterols, this extract brings the best of nature to your aquatic ecosystem.

The Science of Well-being:

  1. Flavonoid Fortification: Kaempferol and quercetin contribute their antioxidant properties, supporting the overall health of your aquatic pets.
  2. Tannins for Harmony: Punicalin and punicalagin, rich in tannins, actively participate in reducing heavy metals in aquarium water, creating a healthier environment.
  3. Natural Immunity Boost: The concoction of compounds in Teraa Catappa Essence has exhibited efficacy against certain bacteria, promoting a robust defense mechanism for your aquatic inhabitants.
  4. Beyond Health, Unveil Beauty: Regular usage of this extract unveils a spectrum of benefits – from enhanced fish and shrimp health to improved coloration, creating a visually stunning underwater world.

Elevate your aquarium experience with the goodness of Teraa Catappa Essence – because a thriving aquatic environment begins with nature’s touch.

Ingredients: 100% Catappa Leaf, Bark Extract. Stabilizing Agent.
Size: 120ml
: Dosage - 5ml per 50liter water