Our Products

Teraa Carna Wafer

Insect protein food for bottom feeders

Teraa Betta Mineral

It provides the optimum condition for your betta.

Teraa Carbo

Teraa Carbo is first time made with Organic source

Teraa Micro

Teraa Mic is a unique blend of micro minerals that

Teraa Macro

Teraa Mac is a unique blend of macro minerals that

Teraa Shrimp Food – Carne

Sinking, feeding pellet for providing high-quality

Teraa Tots

Micro-granules for daily feeding. Specially formul

Teraa Crusta Bits

Teraa Crusta Bits Speciality food for freshwater c

Teraa Betta Food

This is a specialized food for betta splendens. Be

Teraa Artemia Candy

Sinkable food sticks made from organic soya bran w

Teraa Shrimp Food – Hara

Sinking, feeding pellet for daily feeding. Contain

Teraa Guppy Fish Food

This food was specifically designed for guppy fish

Teraa King’s Feed

This is a specialized food for 'king of fresh

Teraa Carna Cichlid Food

Teraa Cichlid Carna is a food that has been specia

Teraa Small Fish Food – Bijou Pellets

Important small granular food for small ornamental

Teraa South American Delights

Fish food for south american species like Pterophy

Teraa Hara Cichlid Food

Food specifically meant for herbivorous cichlid. O