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Teraa Tots

Teraa Tots

Micro-granules for daily feeding. Specially formulated to fulfill nutritional needs and feeding habits of shrimp babies. For healthy growth and problem-free molting.

Teraa Tots sinks easily and made up of 100% natural ingredients required nutrition and growth of freshwater shrimps. It ensures healthy, balanced growth thanks to its high-quality proteins and amino acids. It also contains high-quality 100% natural ingredients such as stinging nettles, walnut leaves, birch leaves, gingko leaves, pumpkin, birch bark, lapacho bark and barley grass. It also contains vegetables such as spinach, fennel, dandelion, herbs such as rosemary and aronia berries and flower pollen supply valuable minerals, trace elements, vitamins and phytochemicals.

Teraa Tots is formulated as micro-granules.

Size10gm and 30gm

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