Teraa Freeze Dried Daphnia

An excellent replacement for live Daphnia. Teraa Freeze Dried Daphnia ensures all the nutritional values are intact .Excellent for fresh water & salt water fish.No Artificial Preservatives Ingredients : Daphnia & Vitamin Analytical Constituents : Protein (55%), Fat(7%),Fiber(5%),Moisture(5.4%) Size : 30gms

Teraa Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp

Teraa Brine Shrimp are of highest quality, and through freeze dried we preserve its nutritional value .High quality replacement for live feeds .No Artificial Preservatives Ingredients : Brine Shrimp & Vitamin Analytical Constituents : Protein (49%), Fat(6%),Fiber(2.5%),Moisture(5%) Size : 15gms

Teraa Freeze Dried Blood Worm

Genuine blood worm procured from best sources which helps in color enhancement, conditioning of fish. Contains natural protein, vitamins, minerals and can be used for fresh water & salt water fish. No Artificial Preservatives Ingredients : Blood worms & Vitamin Analytical Constituents : Protein (54%),…

Teraa Brine Shrimp/Artemia Flakes

Adult Decapsulated brine shrimps are used to make our brine shrimp flakes.Made up of high content brine shrimp (45%) along with proteins, enzymes to aid in digestion, better growth.Contains crustacean meal, squid meal. Does not pollute water. Ingredients : Adult brine shrimp, crustaceans meal, krill,…

Teraa Immuno+

Completely herbal premiu fish food for all kinds of fishes. Manufactured to enhance immunity of weak fishes by improving their digestion, coloration and betterment of long term health. Ingredients : Insect Protein, Krill Meal, Herbs and many more beneficial vitamins Analytical Constituents : Protein(39%), Fat…