About Us

Teraa is established on March 2017 by a group of like-minded professionals ranging from Masters in Industrial Microbiology, PHD in Chemistry, Veterinarian Doctor, Engineering Graduates to Management professionals with a common aim – provide quality aquarium products.  We have our own fresh water invert and fish breeding units, and are one of the leading exporters of Indian native fishes/inverts to abroad. We are part of ISO 9001:2015 Organization.
We also have a team of lovely global advisors – Ulli Bauer(Germany), Janne Johansson(Sweden), Dirk Van(Netherlands) who help us in identifying proper products for inverts keeping.

We manufacture fresh water shrimp foods, shrimp minerals, fish foods, fish minerals, bacterial solutions, planted aquarium fertilizers, aquarium accessories  etc.  Along with distributing these products in domestic market we export them too. We can provide all required legal documentation to export our products with respect to your regional market.

Our Forte

The unique thing about our products is that they are built with organic materials which ensures well- being and longevity of your aquatic pets. The protein in the food are made up of insects and the ingredients contain elements which fishes & shrimps intake in their natural habitat. Our dedicated team spends most of their time in procuring authentic  material from the best sources available. A lot of our time and effort is spent in testing these products in laboratory and practical usage. Once a product passes both the testing phases they are introduced in the market. Detailed description of the food-series is available in the product section.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to expand our product range into salt water
and other pet segments also.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality products.

Latest News

Shrimp not eating

This is perhaps the most spoken topic. You buy a particular shrimp food and your shrimps are not eating it, and the same food is eaten readily by other shrimps

We are now ISO Certified

We would like to inform this small good news - our parent company is now ISO 9001:2015 certified. We thank you all for your support.

Betta Basics

Bettas are small freshwater fish with a wide variety of subspecies that originates from southeast asia. Some species build bubble nests while others are mouth-breeder.They can breathe atmospheric air from

Nature Aquarium Workshop – Chennai

We are happy to be a part of upcoming Aquascaping & Indian Native fish work shop at Chennai - India. We feel these kind of workshop will help us elevate

Proud Sponsor of Italian Shrimp Competition & German International Shrimp Competition

A proud moment for a startup like us.We thank our customers, retailers, friends for helping us grow. Teraa was official feed sponsor of Italian Shrimp Competition 2018 and Dortmund International